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Information Reviewed: Identifying Secondary Conditions in Arkansans With Spinal Cord Injuries: A Final Report
Author(s): Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission
Source: Little Rock, AR.: Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission
Date: July 1996
Type: Report

After analyzing the results of 650 surveys filled out by Arkansans with spinal cord injury, The Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission found that pressure sores were ranked as the eighth most common secondary condition. Of all respondents, 32.7% said they had a pressure sore within the last year; 21% had one at the time of the survey. People who had urethral catheters had more pressure sores than those who managed their bladder differently. Factors surfaced that could have led to pressure sores. They were: tobacco use, bladder management, bowl incontinence, and depression. Participatory Action Research, which involved consumers in the research design, was used for the study. #350

Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission. (1996, July). Identifying secondary conditions in Arkansans with spinal cord injuries: A final report. Little Rock, AR: Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission.

Keyword: Treatment

Reviewer: Cindy Higgins

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