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Information Reviewed: 12th Anniversary of Americans With Disabilities Act
Author(s): U.S. Census
Source: Washington, DC: Author
Date: 2002
Type: News article

The U.S. Census determined that 49.7 million people in the United States have a disability. This number is 19% of the population. Of those disabled between the ages of 21 and 64, 57% were employed. Full-time workers ages 16 to 64 with a disability earned on average $33,109. Non disabled counterparts earned an average of $43,269. Of the disabled workers in the ages 16 to 64 group, 72% had high school diplomas or higher education, and 11% had college diplomas.

The states reporting the highest rates of disabled were Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, and West Virginia. States with the least reported disability were Alaska, Minnesota, and Utah. They reported a disability rate around 15%. #1149

U.S. Census. (2002). 12th anniversary of Americans With Disabilities Act. Washington, DC: Author.

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Reviewer: Cindy Higgins

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