Four St. Augustine FL Restaurants That Are A Notch Above The Rest

St. Augustine is a very historical city in Florida. Many cities in the state have big histories, but none more than St. Augustine. If this is your first visit to the city, you are in for a treat when it comes to attractions. You are also in for a treat when you visit some of the top restaurants. Here are four of the best restaurants in the city of St. Augustine, Florida.

You need to grab a bite while out and about. With over 430 choices, it helps knowing right off the bat that Collage Restaurant is a good pick. It is located on Hypolita Street, and the menu highlights mention steak, rum cake, black grouper and more. One truffle butter steak coming up just the way you like it cooked, if you are down to visit Collage Restaurant.

The Blue Hen Cafe just had to make the list. Not only do I like cafes, but this one had an interesting name. The Blue Hen Cafe is located on MLK Avenue, and the brunch spot serves up home fries, breakfast burritos, chicken biscuits and more according to the reviews. One reviewer talks about the homemade peach butter, which sounds absolutely delicious if you ask me.

Old City House Inn And Restaurant is the next place, and it is on Cordova Street. This establishment serves up crab bisque, spinach salads, sea bass and more. One reviewer talks about how it has many vegetarian options, so that’s good. Are you a vegetarian? Maybe you’re not, but Old City House Inn And Restaurant seems like a truly unique place for an interesting meal.

Mojo Old City BBQ is the next St. Augustine restaurant that I want to mention. It is on Cordova Street, and it is known for serving up smoked chicken, brisket, burnt ends and much more. Another menu item of theirs that I noticed and bet is really good is the sweet mashed potatoes. One person says that the place has the best chicken wings. Now that is definitely something that always gets my attention.

You will have a blast exploring the historical city of St. Augustine, Florida. As you do that, drop by one or more of these fine establishments. These top restaurants are known as some of the best, and they aim to please. You can just relax and smile knowing a great meal is coming your way soon.

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